[ale] Wanted....

Ryan Matteson matty91 at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 18 20:37:15 EST 2004

John Cole wrote:

>Which guy was it?  I know that they can be short with people but it's
>usually people who should be (IMHO) buying a Dell/Gateway/HP anyways.  Some
>of the customers who go in there are complete newbies and mixed with the
>accent of most of the people who work at Ginstar makes for a very difficult
>experience for some.

If they are in business to sell computers, they should be nice to all of 
their customers! ;)

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>Same components?
>Doesn't matter to me.  The last time I was in Ginstar, the guy behind 
>the counter insulted one person after another.  I was #6 but left after 
>he insulted #4.  If they had a fire sale, I'd bring gasoline..

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