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kurt W. metruk at comcast.net
Wed Feb 18 17:54:59 EST 2004

Prime has better selection and more fun to visit but I agree Ginstar is a
little cheaper. But if you can avoid using them just go to pricewatch.com
and find what you need ... I like mwave or newegg.com.

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> Chris Fowler wrote:
> > I found Computime to be roughly 5% more than Ginstar on just about
> > everything.
> OH, there's another winner.  I walked into a Computime off hwy 92 and
> asked about purchasing some memory.  Two guys in there, one fumbling
> with a box, the other on the phone.  The guy on the phone, puts it aside
> and asks me if I can come back later.  Can you believe that?  I said no,
> and walked out.  If I happen to drive by there these days I spit on
> their parking lot...
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