[ale] Philosophical question

Matthew Magee mnmagee at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 13 09:07:31 EST 2004

On Friday 13 February 2004 12:12 am, Dow Hurst wrote:
> Toys are fun, but the people in life and time to spend with
> them is what makes the best memories. :)
I agree that time and friendship are invaluable.  

My experience is that I have been worked to death, with too many 
responsibilities, without pay raises, and little time for socializing.   So I 
may sound cynical, but I at least want some money to go along with my misery.  
40% for me could make the difference b/w a new box and dumpster diving for a 
castaway, or maybe a car less that 15 years old.

I figure that any job will likely be miserable, so why not go for the money 
while your'e at it?  At least with some money, what little time I have left 
won't be wasted worrying over financial problems.

BTW.... my idea of good money is anything over 30k/yr, so interpret my use of 
"toys" by that figure.  :)  Hmmm 40% of 30k is 12k, or enough for a nice new 
Ducati, maybe two!

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