[ale] JOB: Postgres DBA

Michael D. Hirsch mhirsch at nubridges.com
Tue Feb 10 09:53:17 EST 2004

Yet another job opening.  This one is a DBA position.  In particular, we are 
looking for a DBA with a background in Postgresql.  If this is you, email me.


Official job 

 nuBridges is an early stage company created to develop technology and
processes which will enable eBusiness connections between companies and
their business partners more quickly and at substantially less cost than
with current approaches. We seek to provide the next generation of tools
for eBusiness connectivity, and to make their use in the marketplace
pervasive.  We are looking for a talented Postgres DBA or database
engineer who can help us maintain and improve our existing Postgres
infrastructure and help us scale and optimize our eBusiness software
platform.  Working in an agile, fast-moving startup environment, the
selected hire will update and improve our existing database architecture
while guiding the architecture towards its next generation, including
replication, clustering, optimization and high availability.  This is a
great opportunity for someone who knows how to operate as a DBA, but is
eager for additional challenges and opportunities.   Salary will vary
with experience, from $65k - $80k/year, with excellent benefits and
stock options. Will consider both permanent and contract-to-hire.      


    College Degree, preferably in computer science or a related field

    4+ years DBA experience
    4+ years Postgres experience
    2+ years experience with Postgres Replication/High Availability
techniques and systems.
    1+ years profressional programming experience (preferably in Java)
    3+ years Unix/Linux experience.  Especially Sys Admin experience.
    In general, the more experience with open source systems, the

    Security and the integrity of our customer's mission critical
business information are extremely important to us.  As such we will
conduct drug tests and background checks as conditions of employment.   

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