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Wed Feb 11 15:35:51 EST 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:17:31 -0500
Keith Morris - IQ <keith at> wrote:
> I have been using linux off and on since Redhat 5.1 and exclusively for 
> the last 3 years at home.  I have pretty much been a redhat man with no 
> complaints.  I use Fedora Core 1 on my 2 main machines at home (both 
> 1.6GHz).  Well, recently I got a PIII 866 to play with and installed FC1 
> on it and the speed was really quite sluggish.  Played with a few more 
> distros which I wasn't really happy with.  Well, I've always been afraid 
> of Debian with it's infamous hell-installer, but with it's new Beta 
> installer, I decided to try it.
How does the new installer look and act? I do not like the old one at all (just my opinion)
> After a pretty painless net-install, I was totally shocked with the 
> speed of Debian.  Easily twice as fast as Fedora on the 866 using the 
> *SAME* software (Gnome 2.4, KDE 3.1.5, OpenOffice, Evolution, XFT 
> support, antialiasing, etc.) I still have not gotten the sound working, 
> but believe that I will be able to (with a few posts to the ALE list :)) 
> The only main difference is that I formatted / with reiserfs instead of 
> ext3 with FC1.
> I was wondering if anyone could guess why debian would be sooooo much 
> faster with basically the same "Desktop" type of configuration? Do many 
> of you use Debian?

I just bought Libranet 2.8.1, it's based mostly on Debian Sarge with packages from the Sid and snapshot repositores. The installer on it is pretty nice, mostly text based but easy to navigate, and after you get thru the first part it switches over to X and runs a graphical package chooser that lets you pick which packages, or package groups that you want to be installed.

It easily is twice as fast as Redhat 9 or Windoze XP Professional on the system I have it installed on.

I am unable to install Fedora Core 1 on the referenced system as it pitches a fit and refuses to use two of my 3 scsi drives in the system because I'm using a SCA to 68 pin converter on two of the drives in the system.

It never had a problem with any previous version of redhat up to version 9, after that it started doing weird things. I think it has to do with their SCSI modules beinf different, but am not sure.

> I will probably stick with Debian on this machine to learn about the 
> different ins-and-outs.  I absolutely *love* apt-get for debian.  I have 
> used it with rpms on redhat, but it seems better with debs...dunno...

Apt-get is very very nice. It's very easy to keep a system up to date using it. I can see why Debian's installer is so far behind the times compared to more commercial distributions. Shoot, you really do only have to install debian once. :)

Have fun with Debian,


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