[ale] SuSe and Scrollwheel

Joe Knapka jknapka at kneuro.net
Wed Feb 11 12:55:12 EST 2004

Geoffrey <esoteric at 3times25.net> writes:

> Dow Hurst wrote:
> > The problem at this point with the 7 buttons is that the XFree mouse
> > driver doesn't handle that many buttons correctly by default and is
> > just assigning the signal to the same event.
> I've got to kinda wonder what in the world one would need so many
> buttons on a mouse for.  I'm waiting for the first qwerty mouse...

With seven buttons, you have an obvious encoding for 7-bit ASCII text
(assuming the machine can handle multiple simultaneous button
presses). Get good at it, I bet you could type faster on that mouse
than a middling typist on a QUERTY keyboard. Add some gestural
interpretation and you could get all the functionality of keyboard,
mouse, and drawing pad in a single convenient input device!

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