[ale] SuSe and Scrollwheel

Dow Hurst dhurst at kennesaw.edu
Wed Feb 11 11:46:48 EST 2004

Hey, if you look for fancy input devices under CAD and 3D 
type applications for SGIs and the traditional software that 
ran there, you will find all kinds of amazing stuff.  I have 
seen ads for a input device that was a ball that you applied 
force in any direction.  It was used for manipulating and 
moving in a 3D environment.  All this was Unix stuff only, 
mainly SGI, in 1995-6ish.

Geoffrey wrote:
> Dow Hurst wrote:
>> The problem at this point with the 7 buttons is that the XFree mouse 
>> driver doesn't handle that many buttons correctly by default and is 
>> just assigning the signal to the same event.
> I've got to kinda wonder what in the world one would need so many 
> buttons on a mouse for.  I'm waiting for the first qwerty mouse...

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