Python web programming (was Re: [ale] C#)

Geoffrey esoteric at
Wed Feb 11 06:03:34 EST 2004

Benjamin Scherrey wrote:
> Wow - talk about bringing a thread back from the dead! Anyway, I
> can't knock java completely but I find that I get a lot more work
> done with far less effort using python. I can easily get an entire 
> database/webserver driven system running on any platform in a pure
> python environment. Don't need any external application or service.
> PHP is never going to break out of its scripted environment. That is
> what it was architected for and what it does best. Trying to do more
> with it is a mistake in the long term. Anyway - those are my
> experiences.

I would agree with the Java issues.  I find I can do what I need with 
perl and much quicker.

So, why did this thread suddenly surface?  I was wondering about that too.

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