[ale] HP NetServer Lxr Pro and Red Hat 9

John Wells jb at devsea.com
Tue Feb 10 16:54:05 EST 2004

> >
> >What's interesting is that Red Hat 8 works without a hitch, but with Red Hat 9 I get the aforementioned behavior.
> >
> >Trying to dig up a null modem cable to see what's going on....

Sigh...impatiently installed Red Hat 8.  Everything worked fine, loaded the Megaraid drivers...installed flawlessly.  Skipped creating to boot disk by mistake, rebooted, and now...

same behavior shown previously with Red Hat 9...blinking white cursor. Ugh.

Anyone else using a Megaraid setup with Linux?  I'm betting I'm missing some kernel param that allows it to recognize the drives...

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