Router distro (was Re: [ale] Smoothwall 2.0 or IPCop 1.3.0?)

Marvin Dickens marvindickens at
Fri Feb 6 22:50:34 EST 2004

Hello to all,

About a year ago I purchased a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. For those
not familiar with this appliance, it has quantity-4, 10/100 ethernet
ports, a cable modem connection and is a wireless access point (For B
and G). Anyway, about 2 months ago, I decided to install the sveasoft
firmware (An open source project). The sveasoft firmware is based on the
original firmware which Linksys released to the public (Because it's
based on Linux!).

Anyway, FWIW, the functionality of the appliance now blows away any
other products at it's price point. I now have transmission power adjust
(28 to 85 Mw, which is well within FCC guide lines), AP and client
modes, antenna select and a command line interface (Just to name a few
of the features...).

I've been running the device with this firmware for 2 months and it's
proven to be more stable and reliable than the original firmware that
shipped with the unit (The developers at sveasoft cleaned up the
original code). Anybody who owns one of these appliances should take a
look at the project:


Marvin Dickens 

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