[ale] FYI: SUSE9.0/Home Power Networking

Dow Hurst dhurst at kennesaw.edu
Fri Feb 6 18:01:14 EST 2004

Would you give us a link or some examples of actual devices 
good for protecting an Ethernet connection and also devices 
good for DSL or Cable modem surge protection?  Put in the 
link to the company you work for so we can take a looksee at 
your products.  I am always looking for solutions to this 
type problem.  Thanks for the tech note too as I didn't know 
that devices were designed for this.  I just thought that 
UPSes would filter "noise".

Dan Lambert wrote:
> UPS' and surge arrestors use an electronic filter to remove the noise
> element from the sine wave that the power follows. There are surge arrestors
> with filters specifically designed to allow Ethernet frequencies and
> voltages through the, so you can have your cake and eat it, too.
> The company I work for makes a broad variety of surge arrestors and power
> stabilization equipment, and we offer several that are designed for this
> type of application.
> You just have to chose the right tool for the application.
> Dan
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>>There was very little docs included and nothing on the
>>Belkin site about how they worked.  Just the one piece of
>>advice:  Don't put them behind a UPS or surge protector!
>>I'd love a pointer to how to configure them using a Linux
>>based connection to setup the 56bit encryption.  That would
>>be nice to have going but requires the Windows client to
>>configure the units.
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