[ale] FYI: SUSE9.0/Home Power Networking

Dan Lambert danlambert at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 6 16:48:40 EST 2004

If the UPS is any good, you shouldn't be able to get anything through them.
They're supposed to filter out noise, which is what Ethernet is to power.


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> I purchased two of the Belkin Home Powerline Ethernet bridge
> units, F5D4070, for $85 at MicroCenter.  Once plugged in to
> two outlets three stories and the opposite side of the
> structure apart, they sync'd up and made a connection with
> no config on my part.  I could not make the connection work
> when either unit was behind a UPS.  However, the ethernet
> cable plugged into the unit's single port was funneled thru
> the local UPS's DSL modem surge protection port at each
> unit.  I was able to network a laptop far away from the room
> where the local LAN was located with essentially no
> configuration of the device.  Throughput was 100KB/s on a
> 1.1Gb transfer with no dropouts or data loss.

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