[ale] I bought Libranet 2.8.1 yesterday. One word, awesome!!

Ray Knight audilover at atlantabroadband.com
Wed Feb 4 00:42:18 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 07:34, Van L. Loggins wrote:
> take a look
> http://www.libranet.com
> I bought as a Student (I'm fixing to graduate, in March, from North Georgia Technical College in Clarkesville, GA).
> I loaded it onto my file server at home. It works great. the 2.8.1 version is based mostly on Debian Sarge with some packages from Sid and from 
> the Snapshot repository.
> I think the admintool program is pretty darned neat.
> The installer program is 100% better than the one that debian uses also.

Everyone disses the debian install program.  But remember essentially
the same install program runs on every architecture debian supports
including at least x86 PCs, m68k Macs, Amigas, Ataris, PPC Macs, Sparcs,
and SGI Indys to name just a few.  Try to name one other distribution
that supports more than 2 architectures.

Ray Knight <audilover at atlantabroadband.com>

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