[ale] Smoothwall 2.0 or IPCop 1.3.0?

James Sumners james at sumners.ath.cx
Tue Feb 3 22:32:58 EST 2004

I will probably go with IPCop for no other reason than the fact that the system
is based on LFS and not RedHat like Smoothwall.

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 22:16:45 -0500
John Wells <jb at devsea.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 21:54:05 -0500
> James Sumners <james at sumners.ath.cx> wrote:
> > I am considering replacing a Linksys WRT54G with a Linux box. The Linksys is
> > working fine but it doesn't quite cut it. My question to you is, would you
> > recommend Smoothwall 2.0 over IPCop 1.3.0 or vice versa? 
> I used to use Smoothwall, then switched to IPCop.  No opinion either way
> really, although I like the fact that IPCop is community supported and open. 
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I used to be interested in Windows NT, but the more I see of it the more it
looks like traditional Windows with a stabler kernel. I don't find anything
technically interesting there. In my opinion MS is a lot better at making money
than it is at making good operating systems.  -- Linus Torvalds
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