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> On Jan 31, 2004, at 10:32 AM, Van L. Loggins wrote:
> > Thanks for making a comment on my post. Sometimes I think everyone is 
> > too busy getting into a flame war over other things to read my posts.
> Actually, you had more influence than you know.  I purchased Lindows 
> last night to try out.  I am considering using it in a 6-12 school 
> computer lab setting, and I had a conversation this morning with a 
> computer place in Norcross who said that if I conclude it is a decent 
> product, they will start offering it on their entry level systems.
> So, just cause we've got our mouth's shut doesn't mean we can't hear 
> ;-) !

that's cool. I think it will work well in that environment.

one of the nice things for it is that after you have suscribed to the click 'n' run service you can set up an aisle which 
contains all of the software you have downloaded that you want loaded on all of the systems and then whenever you need to load it onto another system you
simply log into the cnr service with your account and click on the aisles and type in the name of the one you created and click the select all button and 
click the download button. That's what I did with my father's computer. means my total amount of time to reload it in case of hardware failure is about 
15 minutes for it to reload lindows onto another hard drive, setting up the new accounts on the system along with their email account settings, and then 
about 20 minutes or so of letting it download stuff from the cnr library.

Let me know what your experiences are with it.

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