Bum Driver in Helix or Wrong Card? (was [ale] Wifi weirdness)

Joe Sechman joe.sechman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 10:31:53 EST 2004

James Sumners Wrote:
>The orinoco driver just plain sucks. It just barely supports wireless.

Has anyone Helix (http://www.e-fense.com/helix) expertise? My Orinoco
Classic Gold 8410WD card doesn't support monitor mode w/the Orinoco
driver although
Helix (Oct/Dec v1.5) is advertised to contain the *patched* Orinoco drivers.
'iwpriv eth0' doesn't list 'monitor' and I can't manually set the
channel either (like Mr. Knapka).

Is this a problem with my Gold card or the Orinoco driver? Aside from
rfmon, everything works great!  Any ideas?

Joe Sechman
Unix / Linux Systems Administrator
RLU: #367555

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