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XFS is big on caching.  Have your tried a sync on the readonly machines?  You might need to look into fam more closely.  I'm guessing a bit but your xfsd is probably not checking on files it knows that it hasn't changed.  NFS with locking would circumvent that.  File Alteration Monitor, fam, might help in this situation.  Hope this helps and doesn't lead you down the wrong path.  I remember that SGI's implementation of XFS had some RPC based daemon for talking XFS stuff, but I never looked into what it was for.  It may be applicable and duplicated in the Open Source XFS.  You could look into that.

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OK, so I've got a RAID device that is hosting all the images for an image
repository site I manage.

I set it up with XFS b/c I didn't even want to think about the fsck on a
pair of 1T partitions !!!

The plan was to hook the XFS up RW on one machine (admin) and then RO on
the others.  That part works OK.  My problem comes in with when the admin
server makes an update/adds new files/etc ... The RO systems don't see it.

In fact, I can't seem to get them to see it unless I umount the XFS from
ALL servers, so that it is completely unmounted, then remount it.  Is
there an option or setting I'm missing?  Some tool I can run that says "Go
forth, and re-read the XFS data from the drive. Honest, it's more
relevant" ?

I'd rather not add the overhead of an NFS solution, and my boss won't be
particularly happy to hear about the forced outage of the system after
pushing so much for a 24/7 reliable always available system design from me

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