[ale] Controlling network interface order in 2.6 kernel

Chris Ricker kaboom at gatech.edu
Mon Dec 13 22:40:44 EST 2004

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Jeffrey B. Layton wrote:

> Hello,
>    I'm upgrading a machine to FC3 that has two ethernet interfaces.
> They are coming up in the reverse order compared to the 2.4
> kernel. So, the NIC associated with eth0 before is now associated
> with eth1 under 2.6. I'd like to control the order if possible. I found
> one link that might help,
> http://www.xenotime.net/linux/doc/network-interface-names.txt
> but I'd rather not go through this painful task of having to rework
> all of the interfaces, particularly if I have to reinstall FC3 (I don't
> want to have to redo everything again). Does anyone have any
> suggestions?

If they use different drivers, control with /etc/modprobe.conf:

alias eth0 e1000
alias eth1 tg3
alias eth2 r8169

If they use the same driver, control with the network config scripts. For 


For eth1,


There are other ways, but those are the simplest.


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