[ale] Need Tractor Feed Dot Matrix printer

Scott Castaline hscast at charter.net
Sun Dec 12 14:04:38 EST 2004

How about 128k memory and 10.2MB Hard Drives. These drives had one 
permanent platter and one removable platter and were often referred to 
as cartridge drives. Also the 128k of RAM was not in a PC since the MPU 
didn't exist. Oh also the RAM was core memory and not CMOS chips. Core 
memory used tiny iron cores that were shaped like donuts, wrapped in 
wire and either a negative charge was applied or a positive charge was 
applied for your 0's & 1's. Also you really didn't have to worry about 
brown outs causing memory loss as you could literally unplug these 
boards and move them to another system and the data would still be 
there. Of course the down side was that these suckers would get pretty 
damned hot, and could probably fry an egg even after being turned off 
after 15 minutes. Also we still had paper tape readers and card readers 
for input devices.

Geoffrey wrote:

> Brian J. Dowd wrote:
>> My first home computer (1975) ran a Teletype ASR33...
>> Now that was a kick. Stood on an attached stand and was shipped to
>> me bolted to a wooden palette. Sounded just like a newsroom at 110 
>> baud :-)
>> Is anyone else ancient on this list or are the other geezers still 
>> running DOS or Windows?
> I suspect that some of us are older than you. :)  Although 1975 was 
> only a year after I graduated from high school.  We've discussed old 
> hardware on the list in the past.  300 baud acoustic couple modems and 
> such. :) UNIX computers with 4 meg of memory and two 75 meg hard drives..

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