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Jason Vinson vinson.lists at charter.net
Thu Dec 9 22:01:30 EST 2004

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Jim Philips wrote:

| On Thursday 09 December 2004 09:01 pm, John Wells wrote:
|> Guys,
|> What do you folks use for RSS/atom news aggregation?  I'm looking
|>  for an elegant solution, preferably web based so I can run in on
|>  my home server.
|> Any suggestions?  There seem to be quite a few out there but none
|>  so far that have any depth, including good design decisions.
| I sometimes use KDE's Akregator, which will call the browser
| whenever you click on a link. The best Gnome solution I've seen is
|  Liferea, which can use an embedded browser as well. Also, both
| Firefox and Thunderbird have RSS capability built in now. The one
| in Firefix can be unreliable. I haven't tried using Thunderburd for
|  RSS.

Liferea is GREAT!  It's not web based though.  Firefox has RSS
support, and there's also

I tried out the Thunderbird RSS client, and it's still quite new.  It
doesn't support "snippets" or html yet, so i'd stay away till a few
more releases.


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