[ale] Debian 2.6.8/Plextor dvd help please

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Sun Dec 5 17:29:44 EST 2004

Jim Seymour wrote:

> dmesg | grep hdc returns empty :-\ In fact I can't even find any
> reference to the drive in dmesg. At this point all I am interested in
> doing is being able to mount the drive to view the files on a cd or play
> music cd's on it.  I can worry with how to burn stuff later if this
> makes the process any easier.

(caveat I don't do Debian)
Go to the bottom of /var/log/messages, search up to 'restart' which will 
be the beginning of the last boot.  Check out the goods from there down.

Also what does /proc/ide contain?

Until later, Geoffrey

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