[ale] SSH/HTTP Proxying

attriel attriel at d20boards.net
Thu Dec 2 13:50:31 EST 2004

Hey folks.

I'm trying to figure out how to set up my system to allow me to proxy my
firefox sessions through an SSH tunnel.


Desktop -ssh-> Remote -http-> Web Server (and then, obviously, back)

Basically, I'm trying to circumvent some overly particular firewall rules
about what sites I can/can't view here ... But I was hoping to avoid
setting up a full proxy like squid or something, since all I want is a
pass-through proxy (preferably also one that changes the requestor IP,
which I presume most proxies do)

Is this possible or do I need to hook up squid (or any suggestions for
something small, simple, and readily lockdownable?  I just want it to let
ME do this, not everyone ;)


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