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James Taylor James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com
Wed Dec 1 12:12:58 EST 2004

I never do a flat rate for open-ended support. I usually estimate what
the average amount of expected maintenance (patches, looking at logs,
backup, etc...) support hours would be required and quote that, with the
specification that they are prepaying for a set number of expected
hours.  Any unusual activity beyond that amount will be billed at an
hourly rate.  If they prepay beyond monthly, like quarterly or annual,
then the hours usually average out ok.  They can, of course, carry hours
over to the next month.

The maintenance quote also does not include things like OS or hardware
upgrades, which would be priced on a per incident basis.  If they want
to apply their prepaid hours toward the cost, they can, but then they
would be paying for additional hours if they need them.


James Taylor
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>>>brandon at geekrus.net 12/01/04 9:37 am >>> 
Dow Hurst wrote: 
>So you mean all sysadmin needs but their location, bandwidth, 
>equipment?  You might want to list if you host what is hosted at your 
>site.  If you only do remote sysadmin or local sysadmin and the 
>equipment and bandwidth is all paid for by them directly then your 
>costs are different.  Just trying to help out on the clarification.  
>I'd like to know what type of costs this would entail too. 
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I will be doing local  and remote system administration. 
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