[ale] Distro for Mom?

Preston Boyington PBoyington at polyengineering.com
Thu Aug 5 16:38:12 EDT 2004

Vincent Fox wrote:
> I bought them a ThinkNIC years ago...

I loved those things.  I helped some folks set them up for a K-12LTSP project.

> Problem is now that so many sites don't like the aged
> browser that is on it, that is becoming a problem.

I was under the impression the software was being updated.  Maybe by LTSP?  I will see if I can scratch up the links.

> The company is long out of business.

That would be a shame.  Although, I would like to get a couple from eBay to play with.

>I thought some of the distro sluts might have other ideas.
If it weren't true I would be offended... well maybe not.

Xandros OCE is my latest fave (great aunt's machine), SuSE (I am protesting the "U") is another, but would use IceWM for the window manager.

I would be curious to see if Morphix would run on it.  Couple Morphix with a USB stick and things would be fun...

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