[ale] Gauging interest in a PHP mailing list...

Mike Lockhart backpacker at hikers.net
Fri Feb 14 21:33:18 EST 2003

I just purchased phpatlanta.org/net/com so if anyone thinks that would
be a good domain to setup an atlanta php mailing list, let me know and
I'll do it. :)

- mike

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 19:55, John Wells wrote:
> Just wondering how many on the list would be interested in a PHP mailing
> list if one were available.
> I'll be happy to set one up (and I think one other person mentioned his
> willingness as well), but curious to see if there's enough interest to
> make it worthwhile.  I have a vested interest...my project is PHP-heavy
> and the php-general list is just too high-traffic and fraught with
> to be anything other than irritating.  Most of my questions involve
> style....not syntax.  I'm particularly interested in developing MVC-based
> apps in PHP, and maintaining complexity and efficiency as the number of
> includes/classes increases.  I'd be really interested in hearing other PHP
> developers thoughts on this and other issues.  And of course, I'm very
> willing to help with syntax/newbie  questions....just got a little tired
> of the php-general cruft (if you've subscribed to that list, you know of
> what I speak ;-)) filling up the inbox.
> Anyway, let me know!
> Thanks!
> John
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