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Tue Dec 30 20:17:19 EST 2003

> You are
> overlooking the all the other effects in your zeal to acheive one narrowly
> focused goal.

I agree. I am focused on the goal, and I have mentioned the other benefits. 
Anti-Atkins opinions focus on one *possible* negative and overlook the 

> By your logic, nitro
> is healthier than gasoline for an engine because the engine responds well to
> it.  In the real world, these engines must do far more than just go fast,
> just as our bodies need to be more than just thin.

I agree. But, I also believe that sometimes it is better to "go fast." 
Anti-Aktins folks are thinking a person has to be on the diet "forever" and 
point out *possible* negative long term effects. My position is that for 
some, starting out in a sprint is a better strategy. 
For you: Win the drag race portion of the race, change the oil and continue.

> Cocaine also creates many of the same effects that you attribute to the
> Atkins diet and I am sure that although this is radical example, we can all
> agree that its use is not conducive to health!

I agree. However, people point out cocaine as a bad thing. I have been around 
a lot of cocaine addicts and I have learned that for some, it is "worth the 
sacrifices." In other words, not everybody cares about living after 80. 
Cocaine DOES have many positive aspects to it. I equate all addictions.

> You really, really, really, really, need to look at the big picture.

I agree. I think I do try to see the big picture, which is why I haven't clung 
to a "Atkins is a great diet for everyone for the rest of their lives 
attitude." The Anti-Atkins crowd seems to think that is the only way to use 
the diet.

> BTW.....  If you are riding 15 miles on a regular basis, then you shouldn't
> need a radical diet.  If you think you do, that says something about your
> state of mind. ;-)

Actually, I rip up the trail pretty obsessively. BUT, one day, I met a guy who 
was overweight. His bike was of less quality than mine, but I saw that he had 
spent a lot of time upgrading it. So, I invited myself to ride with him.
When I showed up, the MOST of the people riding were over 35 years old, 
overweight, and even balding. There was even a lady in the group. 
However, they all had bikes in the $2000-4000 range. So, I thought to myself 
"This will be a great group to ride with until I get my speed up."

To my SURPRISE, I could not keep up with the group! They ALL dusted me.

After the ride, they sat and talked in the parking lot drinking the BEER that 
they brought in coolers! I learned that some of them were ex-racers, they 
still ride often, and also were into motocross (motorcycles). What was really 
humbling was that as fast as I am, I still had trouble keeping up with the 
lady (who I choose to ride behind because she had a nice one).
What I witnessed is that someone can be "in shape" and obviously obese.
Later, I tried to ride with them again and they lost me (for good) in under a 
minute! (I couldn't even see them through the trees). Since then, I have made 
some changes to my bike, and ridden more. I think I could keep up with them 
now . . . . but maybe not.

Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown

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