[ale] OT: OT OT OT and very long! Anybody sick today?

Grady Harris gharri2 at emory.edu
Tue Dec 30 15:24:08 EST 2003

I wasn't going to say anything, but if I'm going to swerve from that purpose, I
best do so before somebody shuts this all down real soon.

Since I don't drive, I spend a fair amount of time walking to & from the grocery
store (more during the couple of years after the A&P closed down, leaving the
nearest store more than three miles away). Don't buy a lot of meat during the
warm months, three-quarters of the year here, for fear it would spoil before I
got home--tend to buy things that I can eat off of for a long time between
hikes, like dried beans.

A shame I have no ambition--I could market this as the Hunter-Gatherer Diet: Eat
anything you want to! You just got to carry it three miles first.


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