[ale] Strategies for OS code in the Enterprise

David Corbin dcorbin at machturtle.com
Wed Dec 24 15:55:02 EST 2003

On Wednesday 24 December 2003 09:57, Doug McNash wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 23:36:35 -0500
>   Christopher Fowler <cfowler at outpostsentinel.com> wrote:
> >If I remeber correctly I think it is free for up to 4
> >users.  I could
> >be wrong.
> Perforce can be run with a no-cost 2 user licence, of
> which one needs to be an "admin" so it's effectivily a one
> user system. 

The admin user can be one of the two users.  Or the other way round, if you 
prefer to look at it that way.

>  It's a great product and I love it but its
> about $600-1000/seat-year.

Its $750/seat for the FIRST year (less in larger quantities), 
$150/seat subsequent years.

For the record:  I have not connection to Perforce other than as a VERY 
satisfied user and a developer of an OpenSource tool that interacts with it.    
If Microsoft was like Perforce (software and support), I probably wouldn't be 
a Linux user.

David Corbin <dcorbin at machturtle.com>

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