[ale] Building linux entertainment devices

Doug McNash dmcnash at charter.net
Tue Dec 23 23:09:08 EST 2003

I have had the same thoughts but there once was ZapMedia 
here in Atlanta who were attempting to do the same thing. 
 (I believe an ale member was involved in this endevor.)
The product you describes sounds like the ZapStation, late 
to market and too expensive.
Buying off the shelf components will put you in a price 
range far above what the current mass producers can do it 
for, custom boards will require heavy staff, time and 
startup funds to get a low unit cost down.  By the time 
you get the product out the door it's obsolete.
I had the idea for a similar product, did research and 
found the ZapStation (Doug's paradox, If Doug has thought 
of it then someone else has thought of it).  I wanted a 
ZapStation but with $150 DVD players I couldn't spend 
$1500 for one.  I settled on a DVD player and a Turtle 
Beach Audiotron.  For $300 I couldn't reproduce the 
Audiotron for the quality I wanted with off the shelf 
I still think there may be a high-end market for such a 
multimedia appliance. I may build one yet but I am 
currently working on cheaper linux-based appliances for an 
identified need I think I can sell.

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