[ale] OT: Air filters

David Corbin dcorbin at machturtle.com
Sun Dec 14 07:21:47 EST 2003

> Thanks! I think i decided on the Honeywell 17400 Hepa filter. Since Home
> Depot sells them, I can return it if I run into issues. From various
> articles on the Internet, it looks like Hepa filters last 2 - 3 years.
> It's all about some nice clean air :)

We have a Honeywell and are pleased.  The actual filter is *supposed* to be 
replaced every year, but I think that assumes you're running it all the time.  
there is also (generally) a pre-filter that needs replacement every 3 months 
or so.

The key point in your decision to buy at HD, is that supplies are available at 

David Corbin <dcorbin at machturtle.com>

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