[ale] OT Running executable apps on IIS

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Wed Dec 10 15:15:05 EST 2003

Keeler, James wrote:
> Through Citrix you can publish almost any app.  I have pushed MS Word
> out to clients before and it's certainly not client/server enabled.

Note, I said OR you have an external service (Citrix) providing such 

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> Keeler, James wrote:
>> Yes, they are GUI.
>> My hope was that I could have the user interact with a program that
>>  was running on the server while relaying the screen output to the
>>  user; kind of like a published app in Citrix.
> I'm relatively Microsoft ignorant (and plan to keep it that way), but
>  unless the software is client/server enabled, or you have an
> external service providing such functionality, I believe you're out
> of luck.

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