[ale] Games and Grub

Robert Coggins ALE at CogginsNet.com
Tue Dec 9 11:31:49 EST 2003

Thanks all for all of your suggestions.  I downloaded some of the games 
that look interesting.  Turns out I am going to have to wait to play 
them.  My video card will not support the games.  I have an old pci 
video card out of a 166...  The one game that looked particularly 
interesting to me. Armyops wouldn't work.  Hopefully Santa will be good 
to me this year!

As far as the grub thing...  I think I am going to have to swap the 
drives which I did not want to do and reinstall the boot loader.  Take 
care all!


Robert Coggins wrote:

> Hey all!
> OK I have 2 machines.  One is strictly linux.  I want to play some 
> cool 3d shootem up games like unreal or quake etc on it.  I do not 
> want to add anything windows to this machine. so no wine etc... Do you 
> guys have a suggestion for a website to look at?  I am looking for 
> somehting free.  I never play games but I wouldn't mind getting a game 
> to "escape" once a month or so.
> Here is my main problem though.  I have another computer with nothing 
> but linux.  I found an old 40 GB HDD I thought was defective but 
> actually is not.  It has windowsXP (ntfs) on it.  I would like to 
> setup dual boot but I do not want to reinstall anything.  I put what I 
> thought were the correct settings for grub but I keep getting an error 
> 11 if I try to boot to winxp.  It will boot fine to linux.  ANy 
> suggestions.
> Linux drive is hda
> win drive is hdb
> Here is my grub.conf file
> default=0
> timeout=10
> splashimage=(hd0,0)/grub/splash.xpm.gz
> title Fedora Core (2.4.22-1.2115.nptl)
>        root (hd0,0)
>        kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl ro root=LABEL=/ hdc=ide-scsi 
> rhgb
>        initrd /initrd-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl.img
> title Windows XP Professional
>        map (hd0)(hd1)
>        map (hd1)(hd0)
>        rootnoverify (hd1,1)
>        chainloader +1
> Thanks for any help in advance.
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