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J.M. Taylor jtaylor at onlinea.com
Fri Dec 5 09:24:05 EST 2003


If you right-click on the image and go to Select->By Color... you'll get a
dialog box that, if you click on the color in the original image you want
to alter, will select every part of the image in that color.  Then you can
flood fill the selection with the new color. If you've only got 2 colors,
you can then do Select->Invert and get the rest of the pic.  Since it's a
gif, you'll probably have to convert it to RGB color first (from indexed):

My version of the Gimp doesn't seem to have a selective color replace like
Photoshop, I think the color-selecter is going to be the best you can do. 
Once you've got your color selected you can always play with Image->Colors
and alter the hue/saturation etc.


Bob Slaughter said:
> I have a GIF that is a dump of a CAD drawing, WHITE lines on a TAN
> background  (it was used as a web-page background, hence the
> non-dramatic colors). Is  there a simple way to change every occurance
> of WHITE to BLACK, then TAN to  WHITE? I didn't see anything like this
> in GIMP, so maybe editing or running a  custom script to rewrite the
> source file?
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