[ale] OT: This is sure to set y'all's hair on fire..

mark marklame at emetastar.com
Thu Dec 4 16:02:52 EST 2003

Hey James, peace brother!!  But, your email really pissed me off!!  First of 
all, what are you worried about, you work for the government!!  Don't tell me 
the Hamilton County Sheriff's office is going to replace your job with 
someone in India???  I just don't see it happening!!!

Secondly, in Eric Raymond's 'The Cathedral and Bazaar', he refers to something 
called 'EgoBoo'.  (*See Definition below*)  'EgoBoo' is, if I'm a really 
fantastic programmer, I can compete with other programmers and make a name 
for myself in the Open Source Community.  'EgoBoo' is what fuels Open Source 
Development.  It's tech folks COMPETING GLOBALLY in a cooperative 

Global competition is going to make technology better!!  If U.S. Tech has a 
'MONOPOLY' on all the Tech Jobs, where's the accountability, challenge to be 

Now think, where have we seen  the words 'MONOPOLY and TECHNOLOGY' used 
together???!!!  Is that a question on the MCSE Exam???

Input please,  Mark

(EE.goh.boo) n. Recognition and praise for a task well done, particularly a 
task that is performed for free. Also: ego-boo.

Example Citation:
"In science-fiction-fan-speak there's a phenomenon called 'egoboo.'...It means 
a boost in reputation. Hackers operate in a gift economy in which giant-size 
egos compete with one another for attention and reputation on the Net. If you 
do something cool, like reduce the length of a subroutine by 50 percent, you 
score major egoboo."
?Mark Frauenfelder, "Man Against the FUD," LA Weekly, May 21, 1999

Earliest Citation:
The IRS refused a tax exemption for St. Louis Science Fiction Limited, whose 
principal activity is holding an annual convention that includes a masquerade 
party, a sing-along and an auction. Panelists discuss such topics as "What's 
so Horrible about Horror?" and "I'm Doing This for Ego-boo."
?Jim Luther, "Tips From the Tax Court and How to Get SMART," The Associated 
Press, April 16, 1985   

On Thursday 04 December 2003 08:09 am, Keeler, James wrote:
> Tech Support jobs, Help Desk jobs, manufacturing jobs, design jobs,
> programming jobs, and even some remote maintenance jobs are all moving
> overseas...  Not a god sign for the tech community in America.  If this
> trend continues (and it will) we will see a market flooded with VERY over
> qualified field techs and a sharp drop in salaries.
> This can't be good.
> We all need to pray that every tech company to ship jobs overseas will feel
> the angst that pushed Dell to move support centers BACK to America.
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> James R. Keeler, MCSE
> Information Systems Specialist
> Hamilton County Sheriff's Office
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> I ain't gonna get into any discussion about good or bad. It's just...
> interesting.
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