[ale] Microcenter and Linux

Preston Boyington PBoyington at polyengineering.com
Tue Dec 2 08:53:37 EST 2003

> On Monday 01 December 2003 10:13 am, Jonathan Chum wrote:
> . a buddy of mines at University of Texas was going to build a
> > web based POS around FreeBSD since it's lower cost for ownership and
> > stable. 
> > Just stopped into Microcenter today to check out their sales for the
> > holidays.  They've got new POS terminals. 
> Oh, "Point of sale". I was thinking "piece of s..."
> -- 

Doesn't Home Depot use Linux/BSD for their POS?  I remember a friend of mine
getting a job there a couple of years back and he was telling me about some
of the work he was doing.

Also, (although not directly related) I was at one of those "self-serve"
checkout lanes at Wal-Mart and midway through my checkout the machine
crashed.  The CSM walked over and rebooted the computer on the lane and I
saw "Starting Windows 2000" on the screen.  I remember thinking how it was a
shame that they decided to spend so much on a system when with a little
amount of research someone could have got them a Linux/BSD setup.  

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