[ale] [OT] Residential Data/Voice/Video Wiring

Mike Murphy mike at tyderia.net
Mon Dec 1 18:14:29 EST 2003

In some places (not really sure about GA) there are code requirements 
about wire that goes outside the home (Ie, connects to the power or 
phone company, but also connects to your satelite dish or tv antenna -- 
lightning and all).

I was referring to finding someone to help one figure out how to split 
their DSS signal the right way, etc. I know about how loosly contractors 
are regulated in GA (in fact, you don't even need a license, there is no 
state general contractors license, though in most localities you need a 
license or certifacation to work as a plumber or electrician, and you 
might need other licenses or license like certifications to get a house 
to pass inspection). It has been my experience that there a plenty of 
good honest contractors out there, but also a few really 
stupid/dishonest ones as well.


Geoffrey wrote:
> Mike Murphy wrote:
>> Last idea: General contractors and electrical contractors that have
>> been building new housing in the atlanta area should have at least
>> enough experience in this by now to be able to find someone to
>> consult/help, or at least admit that they don't have a clue. That is,
>> of course, if said contract is honest...
> You're kidding right?  Last time I checked, all you needed to be a 
> builder in Georgia is the money to pay for the license.  No code test 
> required.  That being said, I've met many an electrician who didn't know 
> squat about cat5 and/or video.
> I don't believe there are code requirements for cat5 or video in a home. 
>  Anyone know if I'm wrong?  I know that in my previous home, the cable 
> company stuck a 2" piece of copper wire (probably 10 gauge) into the 
> earth for the ground.  When I questioned that solution, I was told that 
> there were no code restrictions for cable at the time.  That was a while 
> ago though.
> I personally would never use an electrician for anything but, well, 
> electrical...


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