[ale] RedHat Dabase 2.0

attriel attriel at d20boards.net
Wed Oct 30 15:32:59 EST 2002

> How does Postgres compare with MySql?  I believe it support stored
> procedures, but other than that I'm unaware of what features it may have
> the make a good choice.

Last time I checked, which was a few years ago, the major differences
between MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle were:

Oracle was the only one with transactions.  Since then, I believe both
have added it to their stable source trees

Oracle & Postgres had stored functions, I believe MySQL is still lacking
this (although I haven't looked at 4.0 too much, since it still says
beta-don't-use-in-production and i've decided to actually listen :)

Oracle & Postgres supported foreign keys.  MySQL has the syntax, but
doesn't do anything with it.  I've been putting my constraints in the code
to make up for it, but it does add complexity :/

MySQL could take a higher load than either of the others, (I haven't
updated my kill-db prog lately to use distrib clients, and I think Oracle
was choking the pipe; Postgres was crashed within 50 "simul" connects,
however; This is probably tunable, and also probably changed since 1998 :o
but like I said, I haven't had as much paid playing lately, and haven't
had time to play on my own)

At the time we went with Oracle b/c it ran on linux and had foreign keys,
which we felt we needed.  At this point I use MySQL, but I haven't really
looked at PostgreSQL since then, really, so it's probably made bounds
forward too :)


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