[ale] RedHat Dabase 2.0

Benjamin Scherrey scherrey at proteus-tech.com
Wed Oct 30 15:08:00 EST 2002

Haven't used the RedHat build personally but am intimate with Postgres 7.x. Especially since 7.2, 
performance and capabilities is on par with, and often superior to Oracle. Its been several years 
since I've done anything with Progress but I recall it being very strong and flexible. I would feel 
comfortable with (and have) replacing any commercial RDBMS with Postgres which I find very 
powerful and scalable. Your primary concerns are gonna be lack of integrated tools (which Oracle 
and Progress have pretty strong) and how many proprietary features of the product you are 
currently using. You really need to go through your existing system and document its features and 
implementation details fairly well before embarking on a conversion. I'm presently doing a 
conversion from an overblown MSoft Access system to Postgres for a major hospital here in Atlanta.  
I could have recommended any RDBMS regardless of the price and my client would have gone 
with it. I chose Postgres because it is going to allow them to continue their growth, vastly improve 
their performance and reliability, and wasn't going to require me to install gobs of patches with 
varying levels of support that every Oracle installation I've dealt with requires. Had price been a 
concern I would have had even more reason to go with Postgres but, frankly, if an application 
justifies a high-end database product, usually the consulting/development costs make the licensing 
costs less of an issue.
	good luck,

		Ben Scherrey

PS: And if your company needs some help in your evaluation feel free to contact me... nudge 
nudge! ;-)

10/30/2002 2:37:45 PM, Terry Lee Tucker <terry at esc1.com> wrote:

>We have a transportation company with about 100 users. At present, we 
>are stuck with a relational database from Progress Software and want to 
>get away from the EULA and the high  maintenance fees. Is anyone 
>familiar with RedHat Database 2.0 built off of PostgreSQL 7.2.2? I am 
>downloading it now and just wondered if anyone has any experience, good 
>or bad, with it. Thanks for your input :^)
>Sparta, NC 28675 USA

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