[ale] amd processors and memory

Joseph A Knapka jknapka at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 22 23:16:02 EDT 2002

Geoffrey wrote:
> Good news is, I've got everything on this k7s5a mb working now.  The
> sound pretty well sucks though, so I'll be getting a decent sound card
> in the future.
> This mb has both ddr and pc100/133 memory slots, one of the main reasons
>   I chose it.  Anyway, nothing in the manual or on the website about
> memory configuration.  I know I can't mix ddr and pc133, but what I'm
> trying to do (and it's not working) is put a 256mb and 128mb stick in
> together.  Do they have to be the same size?
> When I put them both in, the bios reports 512, an obvious problem.

What happens during the power-up memory test?

Anyway, you might get away with telling LILO to


-- Joe

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