[ale] k7s5a motherboard

Keith Hopkins hne at hopnet.net
Mon Oct 21 19:18:15 EDT 2002

Geoffrey wrote:
> Question though.  It appears my cpu is running hot.  Sensors say the max 
> is 45C and it's now at 44, it was at 46 yesterday and I shut the box 
> down.  I've got a heatsink/fan on the cpu as well as one fan in the 
> front of the box pulling air in and the ps fan pulling it out.  I added 
> another fan last night to pull air out the back, but I'm still running 
> on the edge of the limits.
> Suggestions would be appreciated.

1st Suggestion: You don't have a heat problem.

   My AMD 1400 systems average 55'C.  Athlon systems max at around 85'-90'C depending on the model of the CPU.

2nd Suggestion: Use a good thermal compound between your heatsink and cpu.

Lost in Tokyo,

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