[ale] k7s5a motherboard

Dow Hurst dhurst at kennesaw.edu
Mon Oct 21 10:27:54 EDT 2002

You might want to put a Zalman Copper/Aluminum Heat Sink with the 
special large adjustable rate fan.  Zalman has a kit.  I put it in mine 
and it has kept the heat down.  Unfortunately, I don't have number for 
you but I do know that the guys at Ginstar who helped me install it were 
impressed with the performance and reduction in sound level.  You could 
just replace the thermal compound and retry.  Of course, if you don't 
have a good bond you would probably just melt the CPU.

Putting in lots of fans is okay but the path of the heat evacuation has 
to be thought thru.  You really need to not be recirculating hot air 
around the CPU.  I had some problems with this until I switched to a 
power supply that had a fan pulling in air from the CPU and another 
pushing that same air out of the case.  Too many fans can actually 
create whirpool eddies in the case that just recirc hot air.

Geoffrey wrote:

> I did get the k7s5a mb and it appears everything is supported.  I've 
> got sensors working, the intergrated nic and sound to some extent.  
> There's actually a page on this particular board and linux someone put 
> together.
> Question though.  It appears my cpu is running hot.  Sensors say the 
> max is 45C and it's now at 44, it was at 46 yesterday and I shut the 
> box down.  I've got a heatsink/fan on the cpu as well as one fan in 
> the front of the box pulling air in and the ps fan pulling it out.  I 
> added another fan last night to pull air out the back, but I'm still 
> running on the edge of the limits.
> The box did lock up the other day for no apparent reason.  I assume it 
> might be a heat issue.  Interestingly enough, it had been running for 
> a couple of days 24 hours with no problems, but the sides were not 
> assembled, which could have provided some heat relief.  I think I'll 
> pull the sides off again and see if the temp drops.
> I do have one fan pulling air in and two pulling it out, so I guess I 
> could look at adding another to pull air in, although I'd have to 
> either modify the case or add one of those slot fans.
> Suggestions would be appreciated.

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