[ale] need your input on a project...

Eric Anderson eric.anderson at cordata.net
Fri Oct 18 16:49:42 EDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 16:24, attriel wrote:
> I don't know how it's working, since it's still dev, but they do agree
> that the Perl OO syntax && structure left something to be desired

I actually like some aspects Perl's OO. For example I love Perl's
AUTOLOAD method. That has to be on of the niftiest things I've seen in a
language. Don't know of any other languages that have that (although I
am sure there are some).

Would be nice to have native support for attribute and method
permissions (private/public/protected). The more compile-time checking
the better. I think I saw a Perl module that did this once.

Eric Anderson

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