[ale] Go free or not to go free, this is the question...

Sergio Chaves sergio_chavess at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 25 11:21:13 EDT 2001

Hi everyone!:-)

I have a situation here where everyone's input will be considered and 
Due to some financial constraints currently imposed here, I was "asked" to 
find out about the option of migrating to GPL
Databases. Besides PostGreSQL, what other GPL DBs would be worth to 
Some of the requirements here are (this is not my field of expertise; please 
correct me if something does not sound right):
1- A relational DB
2- Able to use a "C" interface - SQL via "C"
3 - Transaction based processing
4 - Crash recovery mechanism (roll back recovery?)
5 - Able to handle 100 to 150 users
6 - Relatively Fast - Comparing to mainstream DBs
7 - Schema allows the use of "triggers" - when a "field" changes, it 
triggers the DB to update all other fields as   well.

ps: As far as commercial Databases, has anybody heard anything good or bad 
about C-Tree Plus frm FairCom?

Thanks for all your help


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