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Vernard Martin vernard at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Oct 24 16:19:44 EDT 2001

> who will only donate to a non-profit org for tax reasons. 
> We can then turn around and put the computers into schools, 
> shelters, etc. as well as provide support and a little 
> linux advocacy along the way. Any interest in ALE doing that? 
> Atlanta should have a ton of old, unwanted computer stuff 
> that businesses could unload on a non-profit org.

ALS Inc (which is the group that grew out of ALE and ostensibly runs the Annual
Linux Showcase every year (now with the help of USENIX as well as good old
Linux International) has recently gone non-profit for various reasons. THe
least of which is that it makes taxes cleaner. o

ALE, however, is a very loosely orgnaized group with a reasonable vision. If
you want to be a non-profit, you are going to have to get more organized and
have officres and stuff like that which just might be too much work for what we
want to get done.

While I do appreciate the idea of recycling old machines to schools and such,
the truth is that we have a very difficult time getting individuals to step up
and lead such events. No end of folks willing to help out actually doing it
though but the ringleaders are a bit hard to come by. 

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