[ale] X10 Was: Old topic - Easy answers hopefully - DSL power cycling

Keith Hopkins hne at inetnow.net
Thu Nov 29 06:18:52 EST 2001

Chris Fowler wrote:

> blast from the past!!!!
> I had to do this with sh*ty cable modem service I had in duluth.
> 1.  Purchase X-10 started kit
> 2.  Download bottle rocket from freshmeat
> 3.  Create simple bash script and run at boot
> [snip]

Hey, I have one of those kits.  Mucho fun & handy too.  I don't think the Japanese have any concept of proper insulation when they build houses, so my X10 turns on the heater next to the toilet 10 minutes before I get up every morning.  :-)  {no, they don't have central heat & air either}
I'm using the x10bot. {freshmeat is your friend!}

Lost in Tokyo,

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