[ale] Sound Blaster 16 recognized as Ensoniq card

Keith Hopkins hne at inetnow.net
Mon Nov 19 10:50:33 EST 2001

Sheahan, John (PCLN-NW) wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how to get my Red Hat 7 system to work with a Sound
> Blaster 16 that is recognized as a Ensoniq 5880 when I run sndconfig?
> ---

If memory serves correctly, the 5880 is the same chip as the SoundBlaster 128 PCI.  I'd say sndconfig has lost it and run amok.  I'd say, don't use sndconfig.  I'm betting the 5880 driver will not work with a SB16.  Use the sb.o (or was it sb16.o) driver instead.

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