[ale] Hardware Alias

John Mills jmmills at telocity.com
Thu Nov 15 22:47:52 EST 2001

Scott -

It's not what you were asking, but some firewall/router products can do
this (LinkSys, for one). Though it can be abused, I think the usual
motivation is installing the firewall/router behind a DSL connection which
was tied to the MAC address of the card first used to connect. I don't
have any reservations about that.

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001, Matt Shade wrote:

> I don't know how to do it, but MAC aliasing (spoofing) is a security
> risk/breach. So you probably want to look into cracking software or maybe
> changing security code. I don't think there's any distro available to allow
> you to do what you're asking.
> Some NICs allow you to use the DOS utilities disk to change the MAC address,
> but that's not on the fly, and requires a reboot.

Regards -
 John Mills

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