[ale] A little gripe

Vernard Martin vernard at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Apr 19 19:17:36 EDT 2001

> Louis and I were discussing a couple of weeks ago about why the internet
> grew so fast.  Even in 1993 it seemed that there were not too many people
> on the Internet.  But, I clearly remember and explosion around 1996.  I can
> not remember at why this explosion happened.  We are trying to figure out
> the chain of event tat started and ended with www.whatever.com on every TV
> commercial.

I believe that 1996 was the birth of centralized www index like Lycos, Yahoo
and such. Before then, you couldn't find anything on the internet. Also, the
sudden influx of newbies that seemd to happen more than just in September
happened when almost unanimously, almost all universities decided to give
Internet and USENET access to all students and employees. This added
thousands of people per university and they were present all the time. Most
companies soon followed suit and aonce ISPs starting selling dialup accts
and using USENET as a selling point, we were welll and truly fscked.

Oh yeah, please edit your replies to ALE posts so that we don't get the 2nd
third generation of ">>>>" indentings. I'm not sure that the "offenders"
actually see them when they are replying. It looks like the messages they are
replying to are actually below their responese.

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