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Leonard Thornton Leonard at Intelis-inc.net
Thu Apr 19 17:24:11 EDT 2001

At 04:48 PM 4/19/2001 -0400, Michael Smith wrote:
>In Unix, you have to work a little harder to reap the rewards.  Here's my
>phrase of the day comparing Windows to Unix - "You don't learn how to build
>an engine by only changing the oil".  I think people that use Windows are
>only allowed to change the oil.  Unix(particular open sourced versions of
>Unix) people are allowed to look at the engine and learn see how it works.
>That's my analogy for the day.
An excellent analogy......making notes so as to plagiarize later....

>         I think that people coming into IT today are just not interested in
>learning the intricacies of the hardware.  People now tend to specialize in
>areas be it Development, QA, Systems Administration, Network Administration,
>or Hardware Administration.

I remember when I first started coding and building PC's 20 years ago(God, 
am I getting old).  Back then if you want to do anything, you have better 
understand everything from cabling to program PICs (That's programmable 
interrupt controllers, for you kids out there).  The experience I gained 
from having my hands in all of the machine from the iron up has proven to 
be invaluable.  I have said many times that you cannot properly code for an 
environment if you do not understand the inner workings of the 
environment.  A lot of you will disagree with that, but from experience I 
will stand by it....

>The difficult while you wait.....the impossible overnight.

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