[ale] NameVirtualHost problems

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 01:08:22 EDT 2001


First, for every website make sure that you have defined a directory
entry that can be used as DocumentRoot, they should be in this format:

   <Directory /home/billybob/public_html>
        AllowOverride AuthConfig
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all

Next you will need one or more VirtualHost entries per website, Here is
an example of 2 entries used for one site:

      ServerAdmin admin at billybob.net
      ServerName billybob.net
      DocumentRoot /home/billybob/public_html
      ErrorLog /var/log/apache/billybob_error_log
      CustomLog /var/log/apache/billybob_access_log combined
      ServerAdmin admin at billybob.net
      ServerAlias www.billybob.net web.billybob.net
      Redirect permanent / http://billybob.net

Notice how the second section permanently redirects the 'www' and 'web'
requests to the main site. You can even use wildcards in the
ServerAlias statement.

No, I don't own (or care to own) billybob.net. :)  But if you want to
try this out, here are a few sites that I do have configured:

  http://fotw.jimpop.net will redirect to http://flagspot.net
  http://anything-else.jimpop.net will rewrite to http://jimpop.net
  http://jimpop.net/ermb will redirect and rewrite to


-Jim P.

--- Ken Nagorski <kenn at pcintelligent.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> 	OK. I am having a totally confusing problem. I have a bunch of
> NameVirtualHosts in my apache setup thanks to your friends at
> Northpoint!
> It seems to work fine and I have done this before. You add the
> directive
> "NameVirtualHost <IPaddress>" and then procceed to add domains like
> you
> always would. Now most of these work however some have errors. They
> bring
> up the wrong domain. ome random domain. Not the first in the list not
> that
> last just sometiems it doesn't work? I am baffeled by this. It's so
> simple
> and there is NOTHING different other that the presence of the
> NameVirtualHost in the conf file.
> 	Could it be a DNS issue somehow? I am lost. I did notice it see,s
> to be OK when I say www.doamin.com but not when I say domain.com
> however I
> am not sure if that is true in all cases.
> 	Any help anyone has would be totally appreciated...
> Thank you
> Ken 
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> drinking,
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